Natcapistan: The Rumblings of Revolution

Part I, Chapter 3

January 2, 2023

General Woodford slammed down his office phone, his rage almost uncontrollable. Being SecDef might mean a lucrative book deal when his career’s done, but a national outbreak like this meant being called back from vacation.

This phone call in particular had him flying off the handle. He yelled to his assistant,. “Those fucking kebabs gang-raped my granddaughter, and that excuse for a president wants me to put up with it?”

His assistant brushed off the yelling, and asked matter-of-factly, “In a sentence or two, what are the options? What specifically do you want to do?”

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Natcapistan: The Redpilling of the SJW

Part I, Chapter 2

The media hailed Ashley Joyner’s election as a “once-in-a-lifetime” event, claiming it was the first time a woman of color ever stood candidacy for a major party. Of course this narrative completely ignores Shirley Chisholm’s run for president 50 years prior, but that’s just how a lot of Millennials are: not having been taught history in school, they’re left thinking their generation is the first to do anything.

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Natcapistan: The Trump Got Stumped

Blue Map

The 2020 Election Was a “Blue Bloodbath.”

Part I, Chapter 1

Jeremiah reflected on November 3, 2020. The day the powder keg that was America came a little closer to detonation.

Contrary to all appearances, the Democrats actually learned something from their mistakes in 2016. In fact they learned a lot.

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Natcapistan: Prologue


Jeremiah looked out his window, reflecting on how it all happened.

MAGA didn’t work. Trump proved merely a speed bump on the path to globalism, and a minor speed bump at that. “Thank those damn expats,” Jeremiah said to himself, referring to those leftists who moved out of their power centers thanks to the costs of living their own preferred policies created, moving to the larger population centers in the heartland and “painting them blue.”

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Natcapistan: Introduction


The state of modern discourse in a nutshell! source

Welcome to NATCAPISTAN: The Failure of MAGA and What Comes After. This blog will feature speculative fiction discussing an uprising in the aftermath of an “America First” failure and globalism coming back with a vengeance. What could cause such an uprising? What might such an uprising look like? What could be the bad consequences and what could be the good?

Stories will be posted at a varying rate of once a week to once a month. The themes in these stories can be considered NSFW, and sometimes the content might range anywhere from a little uncomfortable to pretty extreme.

The stories will be told from the viewpoint of an ordinary person who lived through these events; I’m more interested in being understood by the “normies” than being respected by intellectuals, scholars, and academics. That said, I wish to leave as few stones unturned as my mental capacity will allow.

Because of the subject matter, I’d like to point out that everything posted on this blog is pure fiction and intended for entertainment only. In no way do I advocate violent revolution, murder, or any other process whatsoever outside the Rule of Law as embodied in the U.S. Constitution.

Again, welcome to this blog, and I’ll be posting the prologue soon!